Batista on Having that One Last Match

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Batista on Having that One Last Match

There are not many former WWE wrestlers that return to the ring willingly for one final match or just because they love the WWE. Most former WWE wrestlers rejoin the company because wrestling is the only thing they know. That is the only thing that they can do to make money.

Well, professional wrestlers can’t wrestle forever! The ability of the human body to recover from injuries decreases with age. That is why, most professional wrestlers find it hard to wrestle after they turn 50. Batista probably wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 35.

He lost to Triple H in a No Holds Barred match. Although he is a very successful Hollywood action hero, he still returned for his final match in the WWE. He didn’t need to return, but he did because he thought he didn’t do well in his last run.

He wanted to return one last time to set things right. "You know how there would be an emptiness when someone died and you didn't get to say goodbye, or when someone died and the last conversation you had was an argument? I felt that I left wrestling where we had an argument.

I left and we never spoke again. I need to sit down and have a conversation with wrestling and make peace." Batista was also a member of Evolution and states that Triple H is the reason why he is a star right now.