Sarah Logan changes her name

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Sarah Logan changes her name

One of the many athletes who had been involved in WWE releases in the last two years that began with the worldwide pandemic was Sarah Logan, wife of Viking Raider Erik, with whom she had a child recently. The woman had in fact been torpedoed by former Chairman Vince McMahon, in one of the many waves of cuts that took place from April 2020 onwards.

In one of the last episodes of Friday Night SmackDown, however, the Viking Raiders made their return after a short hiatus, taking with them Sarah Logan who had recently appeared in some cartoons with them, to attack both the Hit Row and the Legado of the Phantom, clearing the Smackdown ring.

The former Riott Squad always presented herself in Viking style as she was when she left the company, but this time she completely upset her look by weighing down mostly the makeup, very dark on all eyes and forehead, adding a line in the middle of the face that goes down to the neck and adopting a hair characterized by dreadlocks, feathers and even horns.

WWE changes name to Sarah Logan

After reviewing her alongside the Viking Raiders, as a real member of the team, Sarah Logan received not only a completely new and revisited look, but also a new name, completely different from the one she had before in the WWE rings.

Already in tonight's episode of Friday Night Smackdown, in fact, the show's graphics referred to Erik's wife as Valhalla and no longer Sarah Logan. Already on his return to that of the blue show, Michael Cole had shouted that name, a few weeks ago, with fans who did not think, however, that it could be the new ring name of the girl, but a simple exhortation for the Viking Raiders.

Even during the commentary on tonight's episode, the Smackdown chroniclers referred to her as Valhalla, with the athlete allegedly being a "gift given to the Viking Raiders by the ancient Gods". After seeing Mia Yim's name change to Michin, in a somewhat confusing situation, we now also see another big WWE change in her names.

She said she's relieved that she is still relevant in the eyes of wrestling fans. You can check out some of her comments below: “The moment I received the phone call that I would be an entrant in the 2022 Royal Rumble my whole body became warm.

It had been so long since I wrestled that a sliver of doubt came creeping in, accompanied with excitement, and relief. I was doubtful that my body was the same and would preform like I needed it to."