LA Knight shows his injury

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LA Knight shows his injury

As we saw during the Friday Night Smackdown episode that aired last week, there appear to have been several individuals who aided Wyatt in his attack on the LA Knight, with the former NXT being found unconscious under several backstage objects from some road agents and insiders, after the altercation in the ring with Wyatt.

Wyatt was in fact framed several times while he was talking animatedly with someone in the backstage and was filmed in the distance even while the Usos and Karrion Kross in the company of his wife Scarlett were doing their promo behind the scenes of the episode, behind them.

This all came after LA Knight's double slap in the face of Bray Wyatt, with the former leader of the Wyatt Family stepping into the ring to apologize to the former NXT for the header given him the week before, also at Smackdown.

In response, however, a vengeful LA Knight had wanted to slap the former Universal Champion twice in a row, sending him into a rage and making him immediately prepare a revenge. For tonight, it looked like LA Knight's presence wasn't supposed to be there, while instead the athlete appeared backstage, only to better sell the injury from his bout a week ago.

LA Knight appears on SmackDown

During tonight's Smackdown episode, it initially felt like we weren't supposed to see LA Knight again, at least not in the foreseeable future, with WWE wanting to sell as much of the brutality of last week's Wyatt attack as possible.

At some point, however, WWE's plans must have changed, with LA Knight appearing in a backstage segment, interviewed by Megan Morant, where she vowed revenge on Wyatt after what she did to him last week. As we can see from the video, the athlete appeared with a conspicuous band at an elbow, which allows him to keep his left arm immobilized and a crutch, which allows him to walk better.

We will see in the coming weeks how this storyline will evolve, with LA Knight who should therefore be Bray Wyatt's first big opponent in the ring, since he returned to the scene after a year, at Extreme Rules. Speaking on the latest episode of The Experience, Jim Cornette commented on LA Knight going back to his old character, declaring that he's glad WWE has rectified its mistake.

"They're correcting mistakes, and the thing about LA Knight is, I like the fact that they've realized that they committed a crime against nature. Changing his name to Max Dupri, the whole [Maximum] Male Models thing, the Ma.çé and Mån.sôör - and by the way, those guys have to be so embarrassed."