Becky Lynch made a beautiful gesture

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Becky Lynch made a beautiful gesture

Becky Lynch opened the post-SummerSlam 2022 episode of Monday Night Raw by speaking directly to the WWE Universe and showing her old version of herself, a little better but equally determined. Unfortunately, during her speech, The Man confirmed that during her match at SummerSlam against Bianca Belair, she dislocated her shoulder, which led WWE to announce a hiatus period for her, away from the ring.

Since that day, Becky Lynch has had to be absent from the federation rings for her shoulder coming out of the natural seat, with the Irishman who has not stopped training in the gym, day after day, even with the brace on her arm.

In recent days, it has also emerged online, the rumor that sees her as the fifth and last participant in the female War Games of the Survivor Series, with Bianca Belair's team, composed of her, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Mia Yim who would therefore need a final step for the Big Four that will close the year.

At the moment, however, we have no confirmation of her return, but already tonight we will know in the episode of Smackdown, who this name will be.

Becky Lynch is special

Although Becky Lynch is physically away from her fans, due to her injury that still forces her home, she hasn't stayed away from her heartfelt supporters.

With an admirable and loving gesture, which the former Raw champion herself wanted to keep even in the shadows, we learned only a few hours ago of Becky's beautiful sending to a sick child, who spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, with a meal fit for a king.

Becky Lynch has in fact sent a real wedding lunch to a child and his mother (as well as to the whole floor), directly to the hospital, to brighten as much as possible an occasion that is usually celebrated at home, in the family.

Since Thanksgiving is a real event in America, with such a holiday that is very heartfelt, like our Christmas, Becky Lynch wanted to send all this good things to the child, deserving an applause. Mick Foley turned to an amazed Becky and pointed out that the promo now did not bear any resemblance to the initial one, and how he was able to get it altered in his favor.

"So, I have this line I want to pass by Moxley and he's kind of this weird dude who's kind of kayfabe-ing everybody and I've got this past little relationship with him based on the indie thing. I said 'Hey, Jon, there's this thing I wanted to run by you and he's like, 'okay, let me hear it'

I run by the promo and I said, I want to say when I try to urge you not to take this match, he's gonna say why'd you go up on top of that call in Pittsburgh and I go I'm Mick Foley."