Dulce Garcia on Inspiring Women’s Revolution

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Dulce Garcia on Inspiring Women’s Revolution

The Women’s Revolution is something that the WWE universe is very well aware off. The Female wrestlers of the WWE were never taken seriously until recently. A few years back, the Women’s Revolution started and women started to be taken just as seriously as men.

A few years back, women were mostly used as fillers or as show pieces. They weren’t exactly known for putting up great matches or take the center of the spotlight. These days however, the WWE is giving its female wrestlers opportunities after opportunities.

This WrestleMania, the main event consisted only of women. Dulce Garcia is a former Lucha Underground Champion. She stated that she inspired the women’s evolution on The Roman Show after she won the LU Title. "I personally think that yes," she said.

"WWE took notice. I am proud that they gave me that opportunity as a woman, as a Mexican and as a warrior. I felt they (WWE) found out that that had a big buzz all over the world. I think it inspired them to act." She also state that she is open to joining the WWE.

"I would love to join WWE. I am opened." "As a Mexican, I know WWE has a different type of wrestling. It is the number one. I think it would be the only thing missing for me. I would love to."