Bobby Lashley on filming a reality show

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Bobby Lashley on filming a reality show

Bobby Lashley, a great wrestler and big star is constantly in business and has new ideas. He is currently in the process of filming a reality movie, and he spoke more about it in an interview for the Sidewalks Entertainment show.

“A big thing that I’d love to do is, I love to flip houses,” Lashley said, as quoted by “And I love to work with real estate, so I’ve been doing a lot with that. And we’ve been actually filming a reality show that kind of deals with me my team, how we put together different flips and go from place to place.

And showing some of the guys that I’m in business with, and some of the young athletes and some of the young professionals how to get into the real estate world. So we’re playing with that a little bit”.

Bobby Lashley and WWE

A month ago, Lashley spoke to RainmakerNYC on YouTube about WWE then and now.

“I’m older. [laughs] No, older, wiser — I mean, there’s there’s a little bit of everything. There’s a different kind of training that you have when you’re a little bit of an older athlete.

You know, I take care of myself a little bit more, I have different — just different thoughts. Before when I was younger, it was like, yeah, early lifestyle, the money you run around doing a whole bunch of different things.

Now, I’m more of a businessman”. He confirmed that money did not play a role in leaving the company in the past. “No, that’s 100 percent not true. I was making a tremendous amount of money then. There was other issues and other things going on.

It was an opportunity for me to go fight, and legitimize my character a little bit. So I fought for eight years. Fought under [Scott] Coker and Bellator, and Strikeforce, and everything else. And now coming back, I take all that with me and that just kinda legitimizes my character a little more”.