Titus O’Neil Speaks About Working for WWE

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Titus O’Neil Speaks About Working for WWE

Titus O’Neil is no longer seen regularly on WWE TV anymore, but that does not mean that he isn’t involved in WWE affairs. Titus is a former WWE Tag Team Champion and has taken many roles in the WWE which does not require him to perform inside the ring.

He has worked with a number of different charities and has also been an ambassador for the WWE brand. For this reason, he has been greatly applauded over the past few years.

Titus O'Neil Explains Why He Loves Working in the United States

Titus has wrestled some of WWE’s best wrestlers during his in-ring career.

However, he hasn’t performed consistently at the most important live events that the WWE has produced. Titus appeared on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw where he spoke about being a part of the WWE and why he enjoyed working for the promotion.

WWE is still the most successful and popular professional wrestling promotion in the world and is still miles ahead of its biggest rival, Aew. "I love living in the United States Of America, we got a lot of stuff right, but we get a lot of stuff wrong.

A lot of stuff wrong that they don't get wrong in other places, mass shootings don't happen in other places in schools," he used as an example. "I go to places like Saudi Arabia or Japan and China, you don't see homelessness because the government doesn't want that, it's about respect and taking care of the people." According to Titus, people should not rely on the government to make things right.

According to him, the people of the United States should rely on each other to get things done correctly. "You've got to rely on each other to do it," he said. "When we have a hurricane hit or a tropical storm hit, people from all walks of life come out of the woodwork to give clothes, to give water, to give electricity, your neighbors, my neighbors, you know all of us." Titus O'Neil was well-known for being the face of Titus Worldwide at one point.

His last match took place on WWE Raw. He fought Bobby Lashley in November 2020. Bobby Lashley was actually extremely popular at that time and he was even at that time one of WWE’s top stars.