Teddy Long Speaks About Triple H and CM Punk’s Relationship

Teddy Long Explains Why He Believe CM Punk and Triple H Will Bury the Hatchet

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
Teddy Long Speaks About Triple H and CM Punk’s Relationship

Teddy Long is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer, and he recently spoke about CM Punk and Triple H’s relationship. Teddy Long is best known for being an on-screen general manager. He used to work as the general manager of Smackdown.

Teddy Long was mostly a babyface manager and used to be Paul Heyman’s main rival, while Paul was actually working as the Raw General Manager. Teddy used to manage various superstars before he became a general manager.

Teddy Long Explains Why He Believes CM Punk and Triple H Will Bury the Hatchet

Teddy no longer regularly appears as a character on TV, but his opinion and views still carry a lot of weight in the professional wrestling industry.

So, Wrestling Inc asked Teddy whether or not CM Punk and Triple H will ever bury the hatchet. CM Punk has reportedly been suspended after he was involved in a backstage brawl after AEW All Out. CM Punk and members of the Elite fought backstage after CM Punk made some comments during the AEW All Out media scrum which upset a lot of people backstage.

After the fight, CM Punk, Ace Steel and all the members of The Elite got suspended. Ace Steel was recently released by the company, and The Elite recently made their AEW return. CM Punk is still nowhere in sight, and many reports suggest that AEW might actually buy out his contract.

Many people believe that CM Punk will join the WWE after AEW buys out his contract or if he lets his AEW contract expire. "These are two grown men, and I think that they can sit down and they can talk and they can settle their differences," Long said.

"If Hunter sees that there's money still in CM Punk, then Hunter will act on it. And I think CM Punk, like I said, ain't a guy out here looking for a job. I think he just wants to be treated right, and whatever angle or push they're going to give him, he just wants to have them do it right ...

I think they could bury the hatchet, and I think it would work”. CM Punk is a former WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion. When he left the WWE, he was one of the most popular wrestlers in the world at that time.

Many people believe that CM Punk actually was extremely unprofessional when he said all the things that he did during the All Out media scrum.

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