New details on Logan Paul's status

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New details on Logan Paul's status

Logan Paul was defeated by Roman Reigns in the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match staged in WWE's latest PLE, Crown Jewel. Although he lost the match, 'The Maverick' received a lot of praise from insiders and colleagues, and fans loved his performance.

It was only his third WWE match and the former youtuber confirmed that he has what it takes to make it. Unfortunately, however, the boy was seriously injured during this dispute. Regarding this, Logan's brother Jake Paul said, “He is improving a lot more than we thought.

They thought it was an anterior ligament injury, but it turned out it was a medial ligament and meniscus problem, which is better. He's doing rehab in Los Angeles and hopefully for the best."

Backstage news on Logan Paul

In a new video, Logan Paul sees a doctor explaining the extent of the knee injury and how long it will be out of the ring: “You have a significant tear in the MCL [Medial Collateral Ligament], you have what we call a grade 3, which it is almost a complete tear of the MCL.

We will treat her with a brace and rehabilitation, it will take at least six weeks for her to heal completely." The youtuber added that he is attending rehab every day, before teasing everyone regarding the date of his return to the ring.

However, the video stops before the exact date is known: “I dipped my knee in rice, it is working, I have had physiotherapy every day and sports rehabilitation, it has been fantastic so far. For now, it looks like I'll be returning to WWE at..." We therefore have to wait to know when he will return, but in the meantime we have the weeks that the doctor gave us to make two calculations if we wanted to.

Will it be at the Royal Rumble perhaps? Who knows. Time will tell. Jim Cornette was very impressed with Logan Paul's performance at WWE Crown Jewel during his match against Roman Reigns. "The guy is going for the WWE Championship at a stadium show in his third-ever match in front of people.

And by all right and laws of gravity, this thing should have either been kept short or should've stunk, or at the very least it should've been passable, and Logan Paul is a goddamn star that they found and they didn't even know it two years ago...

He's obviously done the training, he's taken this seriously, his basics are better than 90 percent of the AEW roster in just the training that he's had... he's selling and understands why he's selling in the third match."