Ricky Steamboat is happy to be back in the ring

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Ricky Steamboat is happy to be back in the ring

In early October, wrestling legend Ricky Steamboat announced his return to the ring after more than 12 years of absence. The Dragon will return to battle and will do so alongside the IWGP / AAA / ROH World Tag Team Champions the FTR, taking on Jay Lethal, Brock Anderson and a mysterious opponent.

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In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc, Ricky Steamboat talked about how long it took to make the decision: “It took almost four months to make a decision. It was very difficult.

And before I could give a final answer, in the last month or so, I've been with Glenn Jacobs, that name reminds you of something, doesn't it? I've been to him and Tom Pritchard since they have a wrestling school outside of Knoxville.

So, in the last month or so, I've ventured to that school once or twice a week just to get some confidence back in my body. But I learned more about my limits." The Dragon explained what prompted him to return, despite his almost 70 years of age: “As you said, it was the last time I was in the ring 12 years ago.

But at the time I was one of the WWE coaches. So I was pretty active in school, getting in the ring with the young boys and being more practical. I learned last month that I gained new limits and then some of the things I thought I could do well, I capitalized on them when I was training.

I kept telling myself: 'Ricky, don't be stupid. Don't be stupid. Don't let the ego get in the way. ”So I'm still able to shed some of that dust, Steamboat dust, and I hope Raleigh fans enjoy remembering, going back in time.

Am I doing? I was thinking that the longer I wait, the less chance I'll have. I'll be 70 in February and Mother Nature creeps in on you, I'm getting old. And Raleigh's Dorton Arena holds a special place in my heart. I've been around the world, I've fought in Japan, Madison Square Gardens, Philadelphia Spectrums, and the list of places I've fought and headed goes on and on, but good old Raleigh, North Carolina, Dorton Arena, has a special place in my heart.

And I have a specific reason: I got in the ring with the world champion for the first time and it was Harley Race. And he was a tough old school guy. And then the second reason: in the past, the main events had time limits of 60 minutes act with the world champion.

So Raleigh keeps a very dear and close wrestling memory in all the places I've been. That match wasn't recorded, it wasn't broadcast on television, it was just what you call a regular house show. But what a night it was for me to be in the ring with the champion and then go 60 minutes and stand up to him. So for this very reason I want to go back there to fight."