Kevin Nash doesn't hold back his amazement


Kevin Nash doesn't hold back his amazement

Until a few months ago, the record as the longest reign of champions in WWE history was held by the New Day, a trio consisting of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods, who had held in one of their kingdoms, the belts for 478 consecutive days.

Now, that record is obviously held by the Usos, who have been Smackdown champions for over a year and have also held the Monday Night Raw titles for months. Before them, however, to make the history of the federation with regard to the tag team, the Demolition had thought about it years ago, who had already expressed themselves about the breaking of their record titled in WWE, with the New Day, only in 2016: "Well, sooner or later our record had to be beaten, after all (the records ed.) Were born for that right? I'm really happy for them: they are young, capable and fun.

We are happy for them, we have heard that they are capable guys, we wish them all the best for their career. Just the other day we were seeing a movie about Babe Ruth's record beaten by Roger Maris in the home run." WWE veteran Eric Bischoff recently spoke about his backstage arguments with Kevin Nash back in the day and how they quickly settled their differences.

Kevin Nash is incredulous

Despite their old titled record and despite the reputation of being one of the most formidable tag teams in WWF/ E history, the two (in one juncture even three) of Demolition never entered the McMahon Company Hall of Fame, with Kevin Nash commenting on this in his latest interview, released to Kliq This: "They were really everything.

Even a guy like Barry Darsow, a real heart of gold in person. He would have caught you in a single blink of an eye. I mean, how can Demolition not be in the Hall of Fame yet? "In addition, regarding the change from WWF to WWE, Nash wanted to say instead: "Once they took the F off the name, going from WWF to WWE, and everything that happened after that, man, it just showed that they were becoming a corporation.

They immediately began to work to meet the public. They were immediately trying to become accessible to everyone." However, Eric Bischoff added that once the situation was diffused, he and Nash would keep things behind them and head out to grab a beer and a burger.

"Kevin (Nash) and I would get into it. And I miss that because we'd get into that. There were a couple of times when I thought he was just gonna f***g kill me, and this is gonna escalate, and I'm gonna get killed, and that'll be at the end of that. But once it was over, we would sit, have a beer and a burger and hang out," said Eric Bischoff.

Kevin Nash