*Spoiler* Becky Lynch shocked everyone


*Spoiler* Becky Lynch shocked everyone

When WWE announced that there would be two War Games Matches at Survivor Series, there was no doubt that for women there would be Damage CTRL and Bianca Belair accompanied by Asuka and Alexa Bliss. Over the weeks we could see the construction of this match, with "Michin" Mia Yim joining team Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross, who recently left Almost's shoes to Super Hero, and Rhea Ripley instead they opted to join Damage CTRL, but the face team was left without a member until the episode of SmackDown on Friday 25 November, where Becky Lynch returned after a shoulder injury that kept her out of the game from SummerSlam.

If until that moment the prediction on the eventual winners of the match was in the balance, after this return there was no doubt for the WWE Universe, which on the internet began betting on the victory of Team Bianca Belair at the hands of Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch won

The Women's War Games Match opened the evening by giving us several moments that we will surely remember, including the launch from the top of the cage in Nikki Cross's Crossbody, or the classic Moonsault of IYO SKY, but also the, this time blue, mist of Asuka ai damage by Rhea Ripley.

Between one spectacular spot and the next, however, all the wrestlers involved showed that they had no problem fighting each other, also using various tools such as bins, ladders and kendo sticks. Eventually though, after practicing a Manhandle Slam and a KOD in a cross-over, Becky Lynch climbed to the top of the cage while Bianca Belair did a KOD against the net in Bayley and then launched into LegDrop on Dakota Kai and IYO.

SKY breaking the table on which the New Zealander and the Japanese were lying, then pinning Dakota to give the win to the good guys. Great return of The Man, who once again confirms himself as a pillar of the WWE women's division.

In her recent Twitter post, Becky Lynch expressed her gratitude to Courtney Young for her immense patience in shaping an iconic voice to life. “Special shout out to @courtney_ly for working with me tirelessly to scrape away the brogue and bring Cyndis very distinct voice to life!” Lynch posted.

“Becky takes on the daunting and FUN task of playing the one and only - the icon Cyndi Lauper. I was right there for Becky’s audition, and we were all very impressed at her high level commitment as an actor to become Cyndi Lauper.

No easy task, but she worked her butt off and went all in - and crushed it. CAN’T WAIT for you guys to see Becky’s acting debut!!!”

Becky Lynch