*Spoiler* The Bloodline still holds out

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*Spoiler* The Bloodline still holds out

Obviously when Roman Reigns participates in a Premium Live Event, he and The Bloodline are always in the main event trying to write the history of the discipline over and over again and again it was no different. In fact, the complete Bloodline, including the honorary Uce Sami Zayn, went to clash in the men's War Games at WWE Survivor Series against the team formed by the three Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens.

It had already been a few weeks that a rivalry had arisen between the brawlers and the Samoans, especially after the beating against Sheamus that kept him out for some time in the storyline, since then we learned that he got married, and simply needing two mates, Scotsman McIntyre has joined his friend Sheamus, accompanied by a Kevin Owens who says he has an unfinished business with the Tribal Chief.

The Bloodline resists

The match was very well received by the public, judging by the live reactions and it developed with the entry of Pete Dunn and Jey Uso first, then we welcomed Drew McIntyre and Jimmy Uso to the match, with the latter coming he brought in two tables.

Then going forward Kevin Owens entered, who instead brought chairs, also paying homage to Dusty Rhodes, the creator of this stipulation, with his own shirt, and then Solo Sikoa arrived. Eventually the two leaders Sheamus and Roman Reigns entered and the battle began, with Sami Zayn trying in every way to make The Bloodline understand how loyal he is to them and in the end he did it great, because he has interrupted the pin on Roman Reigns by Kevin Owens by blocking the referee's arm and then he served, after a shot to the lower parts and his usual kick, the Canadian to Jey Uso who, after a Splash, pinned him by doing win his family.

To conclude, Roman Reigns hugged Sami to thank him for his loyalty, questioned since he talked backstage with KO at SmackDown, and even Jey Uso finally let himself go hugging him. So Sami Zayn won his personal battle, but the Bloodline the war.

Reigns' long-running feud with Brock Lesnar was the focal point of the promotion for several months. It was the main selling point of WrestleMania 38. The torch was passed from The Beast Incarnate to The Tribal Chief, and Reigns made history by unifying the company's two top titles.