*Spoiler* Ronda Rousey continues her reign


*Spoiler* Ronda Rousey continues her reign

Ronda Rousey was called in to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship from Shotzi’s assault at Survivor Series War Games. In fact, Shotzi won a Six-Pack Challenge on 11 November and became the first challenger for the title.

Hardly anyone believed that Shotzi could accomplish the feat during the Premium Live Event. Rousey has become the most dominant superstar on the roster with the absence of Charlotte Flair and her hegemony seems destined to last at least until the Royal Rumble 2023, also thanks to the help of Shayna Baszler, an old friend who has decided to become her ally with her.

Recently the Baddest Woman on the Planet had also declared that she wanted to be a champion who does not hold back for any challenge and that she would have liked to challenge all possible athletes in WWE, even outside the titled scene, including Shotzi.

Ronda Rousey has won again

The SmackDown women's title match was placed third on the Survivor Series War Games card by WWE and unfortunately did not impress the fans who not only remained silent during the various actions, but at some point they started screaming.

“We want Sasha,” counting that we were also in Boston. The only interesting enough moment was when Shotzi sent Ronda Rousey and Shayna over the barricades over some fans and Crossbody on them landing everyone, but when the situation shifted back to the ring things went in favor of the champion who managed to subdue her opponent by making her surrender and keeping the title, but leaving a bad memory of this titled defense with the obvious limitations it has on professional wrestling rings.

So for now, the former UFC Fighter is still carrying her reign forward and it remains to be seen who will step forward to try to steal her title in view of Royal Rumble 2023. Will we see a challenge with Shayna? Last month, she captured her second SmackDown Women's Championship and returned to the top of the women's division.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she gave her honest thoughts on her current run with the company after returning from maternal leave: "I think this run is easier because I kind of know how things work around here and I've kind of paid up more of my dues...

I have put enough time here that they'll at least hear me out and explain to me why I'm wrong if I am, you know, and that way I learned something. I think I feel like I have more of a voice this time and confidence to use it."

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