Becky Lynch Speaks About Big Spot During WarGames

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Becky Lynch Speaks About Big Spot During WarGames

Becky Lynch used to be one of WWE’s most popular stars, and she recently spoke about a big spot that involved her jumping of a tall structure during the Survivor Series PPV. Becky Lynch recently returned to the WWE after she suffered a separated shoulder.

The shoulder caused kept her out of the ring for a very long time. Lynch had to leap off the WarGames Structure last Saturday. She landed on Dakota Kai and IYO SKY who were placed on a table. She landed a leg drop. However, the height was quite high.

By doing this, she managed to get the win for Team Belair.

Becky Lynch Talks About WarGames Spot Which She Was Nervous About

Becky admitted at the Survivor Series post-presser that she was actually required nervous about the spot as it was dangerous and a little bit intimidating even for someone as experienced as her.

She stated that she struggled during pre-match practice with the spot. However, performing the move in front of the TG Garden fans actually made her feel like a superhero according to her. "Lads, I was terrified [laughs]," Lynch said.

"No, I wasn't terrified in the moment. I was terrified getting up there in practice today, I climbed up [the cage] as I wanted to see the height of it. And my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti [laughs]. There was no vomit on my sweater already, but when you have the feeling and energy of the crowd, I feel like anything is possible.

It's the people that let you feel like you're a superhero and make you feel like a superhero, so then you become a superhero. And God bless Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, I'm sure they're feeling a lot worse than I am!" During the early parts of the presser, Becky was sitting alongside Bianca Belair.

Becky had nothing but praise for the Bianca, who carried the Raw Women’s Title. According to Becky, Bianca carried the women’s division while Becky was out of action. She also stated that there is a lot of mutual respect between the two, even though they had a year-long rivalry during which they had plenty of brutal matches.

Becky Lynch made her WWE Return on Smackdown this week. She will most likely continue with the Smackdown Brand, even though the WWE has not confirmed on which brand she will actually be working for.

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