Booker T Speaks About the King Booker’s Court Faction

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Booker T Speaks About the King Booker’s Court Faction

Booker T is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer, and he recently spoke about his faction King Booker’s Court faction. Booker T has been part of many factions over the course of his career. He is mostly known for being a part of Harlem Heat, which was a popular tag team group in the WCW.

Booker has mostly been successful as a solo wrestler while working for the WWE.

Booker T States that King Booker's Court Was Not Good as a Tag Team

After winning the King of the Ring tournament once, Booker T started playing the ‘King Booker’ character.

King Booker was a heel character, and most WWE fans genuinely hated Booker as he played a heel very well. During that time, his real wife, Sharmell was also a WWE character. She used to accompany her husband and stay with him at ringside.

During the King Booker era, Sharmell and Booker aligned themselves with William Regal and Finlay. He spoke about why he believes that the faction was underrated on his Hall of Fame podcast. "We were bad as a team," Booker T said.

"I always thought, you know, we as a faction didn't get enough credit. I don't think we were together long enough probably, but together, man, we were a hell of a faction. Booker T, Regal, and Finlay, with our lovely queen Sharmell — that was a hell of a team right there." Booker T stated that there was one thing about the stable that surprised him the most.

"Never in a million years I thought I'd have so much fun working with William Regal and Finlay," Booker T said. "I hated working with those guys. They were stiff. Of course, you've seen Regal matches on television back in the day.

He and Benoit used to do some crazy stuff, but Finlay was just as hardcore," he added, "and those guys were cut from a different cloth." William Regal and Finlay are known for being very strong individuals and were quite stiff in the ring.

They also used to hit other wrestlers hard. William Regal, however, is one of the best British wrestlers of all time according to many. Booker T also recalled that he actually took a very stiff kick from Finlay once he started working for WCW.

Booker T eventually understood that it was part of the business and that sometimes wrestlers used to accidentally kick each other hard.

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