Kurt Angle on Ending Up in Hospital After Match

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Kurt Angle on Ending Up in Hospital After Match

Kurt Angle has been part of many brutal matches over the course of his career. He had a nearly 20-year-long career, during which he fought some of the best wrestlers of multiple generations. Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer and he has won many important titles.

Kurt Angle Speaks About Shane McMahon Match During King of The Ring 2001

Kurt Angle was also known for being extremely tough and durable. He wrestled Brock Lesnar with a broken neck and he also won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck.

However, injuries did get the better of him and he was forced to retire a few years ago as he simply could not perform as well as he used to. His neck condition was also getting worse with age, and according to him, his neck always hurts.

Kurt spoke about ending up in the hospital after a match at the King of The Ring 2001 PPV. He wrestled three games that night. He first won a match against Christian and lost the second to Edge. In his third match, he fought Shane McMahon, known for being a daredevil.

Even though he was never a full-time wrestler, Shane regularly put his body on the line to entertain the fans. On K & S WrestleFest, he remembered that he and Shane crossed each other while being on a wheelchair after the match which lasted about 25 minutes "We were dumbasses," Angle said.

"We were so dumb. After that match, we both ended up in the hospital. We're, I'm getting wheeled out on a wheelchair out of my room and Shane's in a wheelchair. We're passing by each other and we high-five each other. Meanwhile, we couldn't even stand." Angle won the match after he used the Angle Slam from the top rope for the pin victory.

During the match, Kurt had to put Shane through some panes of glass. However, the glass didn’t break properly and Shane ended up landing on his head, which may have caused a concussion. Kurt spoke about why he couldn’t put Shane properly through the glass when he was wrestling him.

"What happened was that was supposed to be sugar glass and it was plexiglass," Kurt Angle said. "They ordered the wrong glass, so we got cut up pretty badly from it."

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