WWE legend opens up on Randy Orton

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WWE legend opens up on Randy Orton

The latest news on Randy Orton has thrown fans into despair. The 14-time world champion, who has been absent from the ring for several months due to a back injury, will not be back in the ring anytime soon. According to what was reported by 'Fightful Select', the Viper underwent a fusion operation on her lower back.

This operation will keep Randy in the pits for a long time and his future is more uncertain than ever. Some sources close to the WWE would have confided that it would be a half-miracle to see him in action again, given Orton's age.

Initially it was thought that the 'Legend Killer' would be ready for the Royal Rumble 2023, but at this point it is really impossible to speculate. In the latest edition of the 'To Be The Man' podcast, 16-time world champion Ric Flair advised WWE to organize a match between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton once the latter is fully healed.

Ric Flair on Randy Orton

“Everyone's hope is that Randy Orton will be able to heal from this back injury and give himself one last ride in WWE” - began Ric Flair. “Randy is perhaps the best worker in the company and he had a streak of terrific performances before he stopped.

I think WWE should organize a match between him and Roman Reigns, perhaps with the world title up for grabs. It would be great if Orton ended his career right after taking his 15th world title,” added the Nature Boy. Recently, Kurt Angle also expressed his opinion on the Viper: “A lot of people don't realize it, but it's the back that controls everything.

You can no longer do anything if your back does not respond to commands. Randy had to stop due to back pain and it is unknown when he will be back in the ring. It is hoped that this intervention will save his career, but there are no guarantees.

Back problems are perhaps the worst ever for a professional wrestler." Former WWE star Erick Rowan (aka Erick Redbeard) has shared his opinion on Randy Orton and where The Apex Predator ranks amongst all-time greats. "Oh, he is definitely up there in the top ten.

I mean, Big John Studd is obviously #1. You know, Big Kane Glenn [Jacobs], that's #2 for me and it just keeps going down. I mean, we all have different flavors of ice cream. You know, I could say Cyndi Lauper and her appearances could rank up #4 for me," the former champion said.