Alexa Bliss has a big dream

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Alexa Bliss has a big dream

Alexa Bliss is a former Raw and SmackDown champion. She recently won the WWE Women 's Tag Team Championships alongside Asuka, but their reign did not last long, as they were defeated less than a week after taking the titles.

In her career, the Columbus superstar has held the Raw Women’s Championship three times, the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice, the Women’s Tag Team Championship twice with Nikki Cross and once the 24/7 Championship.

As if that were not enough, she won the 2018 edition of the Money in the Bank ladder match and was the second Triple Crown in WWE history. Bliss is undoubtedly one of the best superstars on the female roster and has given birth to memorable feuds with legends such as Ronda Rousey and Trish Stratus.

In a long interview with 'BT Sport', Alexa revealed that she would love to win another world title.

New details on Alexa Bliss

“We've seen a lot of superstars take titles over the past few months and it's been really exciting.

I got excited myself when Liv Morgan won the SmackDown title. I would like to go back to being the champion or in any case to fight for the most important titles” - confided Alexa Bliss. "Beyond being or not being champion again, it is the creative aspect that matters most to me" - added Bliss.

The former Raw champion also revealed that she didn't like her ring name at first: "I didn't like my ring name at all, but the coach who was following me at NXT at the time told me it was fine. He confided that that name would probably change after I landed on the main roster, but it didn't.

As time went by, I realized it was a nice play on words. Now I am perfectly comfortable with that ring name. Why did I take a break at the end of 2021? I was literally exhausted at that time, I was even struggling to sleep. I needed to recharge the batteries." In a recent interview with BTSport, Bliss mentioned that she doesn't like it when the same people on the roster hold titles and would rather see newer blood get championship runs.

"I just feel like I've won. We see a lot of the same people hold titles, so it's nice to see new people hold titles. I'm really super excited when Liv won the title so it's cool to have different opponents and if I'm not going to be a champion I want to be the person working opposite of the champion.

So it's nice to see the other girls have their moments. But I also want to be the character that's working across from them. I would love to be champ again, but for me, it's the creative aspect that really drives me."