IYO SKY was exhausted after her match


IYO SKY was exhausted after her match

The Premium Live Event Survivor Series - WarGames aired on the night between Saturday and Sunday.
The novelty, compared to the past, is easy to guess, thanks also to the name of the show itself: in fact, this year, one of the Big Four has seen a notable change, namely the presence of the WarGames match, seen only in the NXT development territory.

The show was opened by the female WarGames that many have considered practically perfect, with small smudges that can be safely omitted. The Bianca Belair team, made up of the RAW female champion, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Becky Lynch and "Michin" Mia Yim, came out victorious from the first historic WarGames in the history of the Main Roster, defeating the Bayley Team made up of the former hugger, the duo champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, Nikki Cross and Rhea Ripley.

A really very physical and stressful match, which lasted almost 40 minutes, which meant that the fighters arrived exhausted at the conclusion of the epic fight.

Backstage news on IYO SKY

As previously mentioned, the match was really very hard and heavy, a fight that practically took away all the energies of the ten participants.

IYO SKY knows very well that she, defeated from the match, while she left the ring she collapsed to the ground exhausted. Immediately ready Rhea Ripley who, finding herself behind her in the Japanese style, immediately lifted her onto her shoulders to carry her backstage, demonstrating once again the impressive strength that the member of Judgment Day has.

However, all of this happened at a time when the cameras weren't on to film the scene, but the fans were able to film this scene. The user in question, or @ripleyispapii, posted the video in question on Twitter, commenting on the issue with an "Awww": Road Dogg has not stepped foot inside the ring since Royal Rumble 2015, and the 53-year-old legend is doubtful to wrestle again.

Fortunately, as you can see from the video, IYO SKY was conscious and therefore, very tired, she collapsed to the ground. In addition, the Japanese athlete reassured everyone on Twitter, writing a tweet saying: "So ... I'm still alive" and another about having participated for the fourth consecutive time in the WarGames Match: "After finishing the match, my long day is over.

I already have bruises and cuts all over my body, as well as poisonous mist. For the fourth consecutive year I have participated in the WarGames Match and these are the prizes I have received."

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