Triple H has big plans for the future

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Triple H has big plans for the future

If for many the change in format of a Premium Live Event such as Survivor Series, considered a Big Four (together with WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Royal Rumble, ed.) Made us turn up their noses, for many others it was a more than right choice.

In the end, the Survivor Series - WarGames proved to be an absolute success both on a show and commercial level, gaining acclaim from the most skeptical critics. This is the benefit of Triple H who, in the last period, had gotten a bit lost along the way for what concerned the continuation and narration of various feuds.

The Games had ensured fans a great deal of fun for what concerned above all the two WarGames Match and luckily for him he managed to keep his promise.

Triple H on the Survivor Series

In the post-Survivor Series - WarGames press conference, Triple H gave interesting news regarding the future WWE Premium Live Events: "We are not finished, there is still a lot to do.

I think when we look at it together as a whole, it's about what's best for our fans at the moment. Sometimes things need a break for a while. Sometimes you bring it back later and it's iconic and it's "Oh my god they're going back to that".

So to say it will never happen again is wrong. We all decided it was the right year for us to freshen up the concept a bit. Either the 5 vs 5 tag or maybe even the RAW vs Smackdown, let's say it all got tiring and boring, the Series needed an update.

At the end of the day, we are trying to give everyone the best possible entertainment." At the moment, the Premium Live Events for this 2022 are over and, after the cancellation of Day One, the next PLE will be the Royal Rumble in 2023.

Watch out for the situation around the PLE Money in the Bank which could undergo some important changes. Triple H experienced some of the greatest moments of his career as the leader of Evolution, and he might have even pulled a few strings backstage to maintain his faction's superiority in WWE.

"We heard that the Team Angle thing was getting so h*t on SmackDown. You've got to remember what was really h*t on the other show, Evolution. So, we heard that maybe it was getting too close to what was going on over there. Maybe it was competition; that's what we heard because they didn't split Evolution; they split us."