Sasha Banks sends a weird message

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Sasha Banks sends a weird message

In recent times, Mercedes Varnado, known as Sasha Banks in WWE, has let herself be carried away by fashion and has intensified her videos on TikTok, a well-known social platform that has caught on in recent years among ordinary people and celebrities.

By posting a video on TikTok, the former WWE champion has included some very interesting hashtags in the description, elements that on social networks serve to attract people to a content. The video is basically a montage of photos and videos of her experience with some luchadors who helped her train recently and in the description the wrestler wrote: “She is returning #luchalibre #joshipuroresu #europeantour #b #bankonit #aew # prowrestling #wwe #statementmaker #dontdrinkthewater #spicychallenge.

" Now, as you can see, there is a particular hashtag, that is the one related to Tony Khan's company that was even written before that of the WWE, a company that was Sasha's home for years, and which still is because for now there has been no news of his abandonment despite what happened in May.

Update on Sasha Banks' future

Only last week it emerged that Soulando Inc., a company that was created in August 2022 and which according to some rumors is owned by Sasha Banks, has registered four new brands that are linked to The Legit Boss.

These trademarks are: “Statement Maker,” “Mercedes Mone, '” “Mone' Talks” and “Bank Mone. '” The trademarks are all registered for entertainment and merchandising purposes, two elements that could easily be part of Sasha's career.

Banks, as well as the fact that the words used connect very well with her. Among other things, "Statement Maker" is one of the hashtags used by Sasha Banks in the video posted on TikTok. For now of course nothing is known, but it is curious that he continues to tease the fans so confusing them more and more like when he recently stated, through stories on Instagram, that "The day I have been waiting for six months is coming." Mercedes Vernado (aka Sasha Banks) has taken to social media to put out an interesting update regarding her personal life amidst rumors regarding her future with WWE.

With no concrete information about her WWE future, rumors and speculation about the topic are popping up more than ever. Amidst all this, Sasha has taken to Twitter to put out a short and personal update. "I love my life," she tweeted. Kairi has since tweeted out a screenshot of Banks' story.