Kurt Angle talks about Edge's attitude

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Kurt Angle talks about Edge's attitude

Kurt Angle and Edge lived together one of the most beautiful and memorable feuds at WWE SmackDown during the summer of 2002. For Edge it was his first rivalry on the McMahon Federation Blue Show and thanks to this confrontation the Canadian tried his reputation as a one of the most promising wrestlers in the company.

The Rated R Superstar, like all of us, has flaws and The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle has revealed a couple of them.

Kurt Angle opens up on Edge

Interviewed by Bill Apter, Olympic gold medal champion Kurt Angle said that Edge, instead of letting the match go by, prefers to speed things up, even risking getting hurt: "Oh my God, I don't know if it's a weakness, a flaw.

You know, I think he, sometimes, tries to get the match up to speed early and I think if he held back and if he slowed down, he would benefit in the long run, he would need it when he was. younger. Plus she has to control his emotions, it's not good for him, both as a character and in real life." Angle also talked about how the “You Suck” choirs were born: “It started when I was a heel and Edge was the reason why it happened.

They, the fans, were singing 'Angle' to my music, and at one point, Edge took the mic and thought "They shouldn't be singing Angle, Angle, they should be singing You Suck." He went on, he succeeded in his intentions and even when I became a babyface, the fans continued to sing the "You Suck", and then it became part of me.

While Angle talked about what Edge could do to extend his career and gave him some advice, in his podcast “The Kurt Angle Show, the 6-time world champion announced the amount of money he would like to receive for one last WWE match: “Oh man, it's tough.

That should be a lot of money man. I'm talking about 10 million dollars. WWE could easily afford it." WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently noted that he believes the company made a mistake by releasing Braun Strowman last year.

"Braun's a very valuable asset. He should've never left WWE. Should've never happened. The guy knows how to wrestle, knows how to talk, he looks great, he's a 350 pound monster, you don't let a guy like that go. I don't know how or why that happened.

Maybe it was for money reasons, I don't know. But Braun Strowman is back in the right place. He needs to be in WWE. That's where he deserves to be," he said.