Brian Kendrick is back in WWE

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Brian Kendrick is back in WWE

In one of this year's February episodes, we saw Brian Kendrick making his AEW ring debut, in a match against Jon Moxley. All of this had come out after the athlete's release from WWE, after starting to work as a road agent and as a producer for the McMahon company.

Before its debut at Dynamite, in fact, the well-known site Fightful reported: "Brian Kendrick was released by WWE. Last week, PW Insider reported that Brian Kendrick requested release from his WWE contract in December, but he had not been informed of that release.

We have since confirmed that Brian Kendrick is no longer under contract with WWE. Another source indicated that Kendrick was supposed to be at the AEW Dynamite show in Chicago on Wednesday, though we're not sure in what capacity.

We still have to check with Kendrick or the company. Kendrick fought for WWE at 205 Live in 2020. Aside from that and a couple of real matches in Saudi Arabia, Kendrick hasn't fought on WWE Raw or SmackDown since December 2017.

He appeared on NXT 2.0 during a short romance with Harland, setting up a match that never happened. He had been producer of the company, stating that he would only fight part-time."

Brian Kendrick is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion

After seeing him absent mainly due to some anti-Semitic messages written on social media, with the WWE having dismissed the former athlete for this reason, it seems that the management of the McMahon company has retraced his steps.

During the live broadcast of the Survivor Series, in fact, it seems that Jason Jordan and Brian Kendrick have returned to work together as a producer in a match, in the list of professionals, exactly the one between Ronda Rousey, Smackdown champion and Shotzi, his n° 1 contender.

After apologizing for the comments and having deleted them from his social networks, Kendrick thus returns to the company where he worked both in-ring and backstage, returning to play a secondary role, but still very important.

As the day progressed, more was revealed as the history behind Kendrick's beliefs. Kendrick was released from WWE on February 1 after he requested the same. His comments were seemingly unearthed during the buzz surrounding his name as the latest WWE departure to make his AEW debut.

Brian Kendrick is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and an active member of the 205 Live roster right now. He is an industry veteran who had a (then) record-breaking tag team title reign with Paul London in the year 2006.