Ric Flair about the documentary and the names that will be part of it

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Ric Flair about the documentary and the names that will be part of it

Ric Flair talked to "To Be The Man," about the documentary and who will be part of it. “I’m thankful because the reason I’m throwing this in is because Steve is in it a lot,” Flair said, as quoted by pwmania.com.

“Taker is in it a lot. Shawn’s in it a lot. Megan is in it a lot. Ashley, Post Malone, Stephan A. Smith. It is the most accurate depiction of my life ever imagined put together. It took two hours, but I swear to God, I sat there and watched it and I just, I cried, laughed, cried, laughed, but it’s so spot on”.

Ric Flair

Many more names will be found in the story. Flair is obsessed with his project and wants things to be perfect. “As promised, they didn’t pull any punches,” he continued. “Not one. They didn’t pull any punches and that’s what makes it so good.

It’s what I felt. It’s what I’ve experienced. It’s what I’ve gone through. It’s what I’ve done to myself. It’s the bad choices that I made in life. The good choices I’ve made in life.

My family responded honestly. It talks about the airplane crash. It talks about me getting hit by lightning. It talks about me being sick. I was blown away by it”.
Aaron Dean Eisenberg was the topic of conversation. Flair talked about the movie The Iron Claw and the role of Eisenberg.

“I don’t know much about him, but I know they called me to talk to him on the phone and I was traveling and never got to talk to him, so I haven’t met and I haven’t talked to him. But I’ll tell you this, if they do an accurate depiction of what the Von Erich family went through, this is going to be one of the greatest stories ever told in wrestling history because there was so much damn history with that family”.