Finn Baloe delighted with one wrestler: I think he's going to be a huge star

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Finn Baloe delighted with one wrestler: I think he's going to be a huge star

Finn Baloe spoke to BT Sport about Rhea Ripley and the potential she possesses. Ripley is attracting more and more attention for her quality.
“She has that ‘it’ factor that you just can’t put your finger on.

She is still so young and she’s going to grow and develop into more of a superstar than she already is. It’s so beautiful for me to watch that growth up close and personal”. - Baloe said, as quoted by

Dominik and his quality

Dominik also turned out to be a great potential.

The calmness he possesses is truly impressive. Dominik quickly adapted to the tasks and can already imagine that he will have a great career. “To see Dominik slip into the role so seamlessly. People forget, he debuted about a year before he turned heel and was learning on the job.

He wasn’t really doing that much training. I mean that with the greatest amount of respect, but he had a couple months training with Lance (Storm) and a little here and there with his dad and stuff, but not an immense amount of training to be in the deep end on live TV for WWE.

He was only kind of adapting to that and then he was thrown this huge curveball where he’s turning on his dad and portraying a completely different character. The way he’s stepped into that character is incredible to watch.

I remember that first night when he was going out to do a heel promo and going up to him to try and calm him down a little. ‘Don’t worry, it’s going to be cool.’ He’s like, ‘I’m cool.

Don’t worry.’ ‘You know what you’re going to say?’ ‘Nah, I’ll figure it out.’ [laughs]. He went out there super chilled and that’s how he is. I think he’s going to be a huge star for us”.