UFC's Colby Covington on Probably Joining WWE

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UFC's Colby Covington on Probably Joining WWE

Colby Covington made himself a heel UFC fighter. He has a villain like character and is very much inspired by the WWE. He is also a former interim UFC Welterweight Champion. He says he is the "super villain of the UFC."

He can trash talk his way into a fight. His work on the mic has been praises by many wrestling industry people, including Paul Heyman. Just like some MMA fighter, Colby is interested in joining the WWE. Bobbly Lashley’s agent and Colby’s agent are the same.

That is why, we may see him in the WWE. He spoke about it on Submission Radio. "We got a good connection over there, because my teammate Bobby Lashley and his agent, who's also my agent, Dan Lambert. Mr. Dan Lambert, who owns American Top Team, he keeps in touch with him, and [WWE] definitely know who I am and see what I'm doing," stated Covington.

"And most of them, even like Paul Heyman was like, 'man, Colby, you're doing pro wrestling better than pro wrestling's doing it.' "So, we've got some connections over there, we're talking.

And obviously Ronda Rousey, I got a lot of love for her, she's one of my friends, and so I might be there supporting her and my teammate Bobby Lashley this weekend." Not every MMA fighter did well in the WWE. Some MMA fighters are still struggling.