William Regal getting closer to WWE?

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William Regal getting closer to WWE?

One of the most important names that WWE has wanted to do without in the last two years has been that of the historic English athlete who has now retired for a few years: William Regal. After a majestic career with the McMahon family, with several minor titles won, but never a world top title, Regal had also managed to carve out an important place in the company, in the post-action, with his role having become for some time year that of the General Manager of NXT, as well as talent scout for the McMahons.

After spending many months at the helm of the WWE color show, the absolute management of the company has decided to give us a clean break with the past, deciding to go and fire most of Triple H's right-hand men, including the various Regals, Samoa Joe, Road Dogg and Dave Kapoor, who have also been leading the third brand in the creative part for years while the COO was at home, recovering from known heart problems.

After moving to AEW, William Regal continued his work as a manager, joining two very important names such as Daniel Bryan and Jon Moxley, also former WWE, with Regal's role being that of the leader of the AEW brawling stable , until before the betrayal committed against the former world champion against MJF.

New details on William Regal

Although it seems there are still several months left before the end of his contract with Tony Khan's company, it seems that WWE is continuing to talk about a possible return of the Englishman to the McMahon court.

According to what was stated in the last few hours by the Wrestling Observer website, in fact, it seems that WWE has already discussed the fact of being able to bring the manager back to the federation. In his last speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "I'd just like to say that his contract could end soon and that wouldn't surprise me.

Tony could make him a good offer, but WWE certainly discussed his return. I think his contract with AEW was something like a year. I think it was only for a year and so there are still many months left. I don't know what the precise situation is, but I think that everything can be clarified shortly.

William Regal's story in WWE, after Vince's exit, is certainly not dead, it's not a far-fetched thing. After the Series (and Triple H's comments) it would certainly be something to become concrete."