Cody Rhodes responds to a tribute


Cody Rhodes responds to a tribute

Obviously when the undisputed WWE champion, Roman Reigns, participates in a Premium Live Event, he and his Bloodline are always in the main event trying to write the history of the discipline over and over again and this time too it was no different.

In fact, the entire Bloodline, including honorary Uce Sami Zayn, went to clash in the men's War Games at WWE Survivor Series against the team formed by the three of the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. It had already been a few weeks between the brawlers and the Samoans that a rivalry had been born, especially after the beating against Sheamus which kept him out for some time in the storyline, since then we learned that Sheamus got married, and simply needing two mates, the Scotsman McIntyre who joined his Irish friend, accompanied by a Kevin Owens who says he has a score to settle with the Tribal Chief and will likely be his next challenger at the Royal Rumble.

Furthermore, in the match inside the cage, Owens showed up with a t-shirt dedicated to the late Dusty Rhodes, father of the athletes Cody Rhodes and Dustin, the former WWE Goldust, who lost their father a few years ago, after the WWE Hall of Famer had built the entire NXT roster in a really excellent way, together with Triple H.

Backstage news on Cody Rhodes

With a message posted on his Twitter account, the WWE athlete currently out of the scene of the federation due to the bad injury he ran into shortly before Hell in a Cell, Cody Rhodes, who was feuding with Seth Rollins at the time of his injury, he wanted to comment on the beautiful tribute made to his father at War Games.

The typical stipulation of the matches of the then WCW was in fact invented by the American Dream, for this reason Owens wanted to pay homage to his old NXT mentor, a few years after his death. In his Twitter message, Cody wanted to write: "He at home, he was all ours.

But in sports, he had many more children. Many people have begun to follow him or keep him as a mentor for all the concepts he created and which are still used. He's battled bad press and some bad mouths for decades, but to see his fingerprints and his genius shining from the grave is special." Cody Rhodes' eventual WWE return will undoubtedly lead to some exciting feuds.

According to 'Cowboy' Bob Orton Jr., one intriguing opponent for The American Nightmare could be his son, Randy Orton. "I think Cody [Rhodes versus Randy] would be a hell of a match." Bob Orton Jr. continued, "I wrestled Dusty [Rhodes] a lot of times so, might as well keep it ongoing [Bob smiled]."

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