WWE silences pro Sasha Banks' chants

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WWE silences pro Sasha Banks' chants

Sasha Banks and Naomi have not appeared on WWE television since May 13, when they had a match on Friday Night SmackDown where they defeated Natalya and Shayna Baszler. After appearing at a couple of live events that same weekend, the two opted not to appear on Monday Night Raw on May 16, busting out backstage after discussing plans for them on-screen with management.

Theoretically, the two of them were expected to participate in a match with multiple wrestlers to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, but Sasha and Naomi, who at the time were the team champions, felt little respected as such, therefore they refused to perform abandoning the show and forcing the company to rewrite the card, then suspending them.

After this act, the various versions of what happened began to circulate on the web and the two protagonists literally disappeared from social media before popping up after some time, mainly to promote their appearances outside the Stamford company and the various partnerships.

From May onwards, however, there have been no more traces of Sasha Banks and Naomi in WWE, not even with the departure of Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, the first suspects for the guilt of the abandonment of the two.

Latest update on Sasha Banks

During the live broadcast of Survivor Series: War Games, WWE also staged the title match valid for the women's maximum belt in that of Smackdown, with the champion Ronda Rousey who successfully defended her title from Shotzi's attack Blackheart.

During the dispute, several fans began to praise the name of Sasha Banks, with several chants for the former company champion who felt very good in the Boston public, but which WWE wanted to silence with its powerful IT means , for all other fans who were connected from home.

As also reported by the Wrestling Observer, in fact: "There were very loud chants for Sasha Banks during Ronda Rousey's match and they turned it down. They didn't want it on TV, think what you want". In a brief juncture of the match, the "We Want Sasha" chants of the fans can still be heard, although it is very clear how WWE deliberately turned the volume down so as not to hear anything from home.

The Boss has now uploaded a video to her Instagram showing clips from her time away from WWE. The accompanying audio had an emotional message for her fans. "Be patient, be gentle, be forgiving, when it comes to the matters of the heart.

I know that this life could seem crazy cause it seems like the more you put it together, the more it kinda falls apart. But, don't panic. Because without losing who you thought you were, who you are meant to be could never be found."