WWE organizes another big event

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WWE organizes another big event

The Indian market continues to prove to be one of the most lucrative for WWE. Superstar Spectacle, an all-Indian event that aired on 26 January last year to celebrate Republic Day, was an unprecedented success in terms of ratings.

According to current President and CEO Nick Khan during a post-event investor conference call, the show was seen by more than 20 million people in India. This is a very important number, considering the fact that it has practically quintupled what WWE gets on average with Raw and SmackDown combined.

The event had been a huge success for all the Indian people, with WWE putting all its Indian, Pakistani or Pakistani athletes or athletes with those origins inside the card, arriving at a main event where Drew McIntyre was the total protagonist, along with many other new faces of WWE from the Asian country.

Apparently, WWE would have had the idea of ​​re-proposing this show shortly, with January 2023 being the designated date to bring the entire roster of the Stamford federation back to Indian soil.

WWE returns to India in January

As reported by the Sportskeeda website, WWE plans to bring a big show to Hyderbad, India, with the date possibly being January 18th. The roster expected to take part in the event, has been reported to be 'a mix of Superstars, both Indian and international' It seems that WWE could also call athletes from other federations for this event, as long as they are Indian.

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre himself pushed hard last year to do another event in India, as he believed he had seen a very solid show in the Asian country and also thanks to his recent trip to India, where he was also included in a big bollywood project.

From 2023, it seems that WWE wants to hold many more international events outside the USA, as stated by Triple H himself in some of his latest interviews and Superstar Spectacle (perhaps the event will continue to be called that), it seems to be just one of those.

During a recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted show, Doan told Dr. Chris Featherstone that he would discuss the possibility of a WWE return with his wife: "I would love to come back. It was something I would obviously discuss with my wife.

We just got married in July. She’s never been in the wrestling business and she’s heard about the traveling, being away, and all that. Of course, they don’t travel like they used to, which is a good thing — definitely will save some marriages."