Did Roman Reigns get mad backstage?

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Did Roman Reigns get mad backstage?

During the WWE ppv aired on Saturday night, in the Survivor Series, Roman Reigns was engaged in the men's War Games which closed the event, with Jey Uso and his twin brother who, together with the rest of the Bloodline, fought it out against the faces of the Brawling Brutes, Drew Mcintyre and Kevin Owens.

Apparently, Jey would have come out battered this time too from his match, with the same athlete who would have been heard during a phase of the match telling his teammates that he had a possible broken hand. The injury in question would have nothing to do with the old problem, which was instead on the wrist, but apparently, after seeing him fight in a house show on Sunday and after seeing him on Raw, this danger too seems escaped.

In the end, the Samoans of the Bloodline won the match, with Jey Uso bringing the pin for his team, after seeing Sami Zayn betray his friendship with his close friend Kevin Owens, with Ucey himself he attacked Owens several times, leaving him down at the mercy of the Samoans who ended the contest.

Apparently, however, there would appear to have been some problems between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens during the feud, with the Tribal Chief complaining quite loudly backstage after the event.

New details on Roman Reigns

Apparently, according to the Fightful website, during its latest weekly podcast, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens would have become the protagonists of a small altercation at the end of the Series.

It would all come about when Owens hit the Tribal Chief in a spot that wasn't scheduled for the match, also hitting his opponent badly. Back in the backstage area, Reigns complained that he might have a ruptured eardrum, due to the commercial not being released as planned, at Owens' behest.

There don't seem to have been any fights or major quarrels, but the mood of the Tribal Chief, according to those present, was quite black, with his presence at the post-event press conference which was scheduled and finally did not arrive.

Instead of Reigns, in fact, Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn showed up, with the Tribal Chief who also seems to have gotten some heat from someone backstage, for complaints considered by some to be a bit too "primadonna". WrestleTalk, via Reddit user Kerrmit125 reported that Kevin Owens was supposed to face Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble, but that is no longer the case.

The sources also stated that if the planned Owens vs. Reigns match does not take place, Roman Reigns will face Sheamus.

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