Backstage news on Becky Lynch's return

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Backstage news on Becky Lynch's return

Becky Lynch officially said goodbye to her long and beautiful feud against Bianca Belair when EST defeated her once again at SummerSlam 2022 and while it looked like the two could be an alliance against the debuting Damage CTRL, it was in that match The Man injured her shoulder, taking a few months off.

She finally returned alongside Bianca Belair on the November 25 episode of Smackdown, teaming with her for Survivor Series' War Games Match and leading the team to victory at the Premium Live Event.

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Speaking at the post-Survivor Series press conference, Triple H opened up about Becky Lynch's return: "I've heard Becky out here talking about the scenario, and when you come back from a serious injury like that, your brain gets messed up: 'I can do this? Will it be the same?' In Becky's case: 'Will my arm come out of her position again the second I do something?' You have to have a lot of faith in your surgeons and the rehab process and everything you've been through, but you're nervous and it's difficult.

When the words War Games were first mentioned to Becky in a conversation surrounding her return she was like, 'How would you get back in the ring for the first time [after your injury]? And what do you think about War Games?' There was a moment where I realized she was seriously thinking about it and then in true Becky style after a few moments she was like, 'F*ck it let's do it!' The next morning I got a call where I was told that Becky was planning to jump off the top of the cage and do a Legdrop across the table.

She didn't take the time to get used to War Games. The level of commitment our talents put into such things is difficult to achieve for people who don't do this kind of physical thing on a daily basis. Hats off to them and Becky for getting into this situation like that." The wrestler, also during the conference, also declared that Bianca Belair insisted on having her in the match as there was a great need for her and Becky quickly returned to her US despite being in Ireland for her brother's birthday.

The Irish star's last WWE match came against Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36. She successfully defended the RAW Women's Championship against The Queen of Spades. However, Becky Lynch had to relinquish her title after announcing that she was pregnant.

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