Wrestling legend comments on Vince McMahon's retirement

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Wrestling legend comments on Vince McMahon's retirement

For those who have been watching wrestling for a long time, it was nearly impossible to imagine a WWE without Vince McMahon. The latter has contributed to making the Stamford federation one of the most important companies on the planet, as well as having launched a myriad of wrestlers who have made the history of sports entertainment.

Vince stunned everyone by announcing his retirement last July, aided by advancing age and the serious allegations of misconduct that fell upon him following an investigation by the Wall Street Journal. His right-hand man John Laurinaitis – a former head of talent relations – has also been fired from the company.

Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team. The 14-time world champion made some major product changes and brought back several stars who had been released during the pandemic.

Morale backstage is sky-high and the fans seem to have really enjoyed this breath of fresh air.

Dan Severn opens up on Vince McMahon

In a long interview granted to Sportskeeda, mixed martial arts legend Dan Severn revealed that Vince McMahon was not fundamental to WWE: “Until recently, no one dared to imagine a WWE without Vince McMahon.

It was thought that the company would sink into a very serious crisis without Vince in charge. The last few months have shown us that the reality is quite different. Can WWE continue without Vince McMahon? Absolutely yes. It should not be forgotten that WWE did not start with Vince McMahon, since it was his father who started it all.

I think at the time it was called WWwf, then the name was shortened to WWF and finally it became WWE. The cycle continued after Vince McMahon Sr. stepped aside and the same is happening without Vince. There is nothing to worry about." We remind you that the documentary 'The Nine Lives of Vince McMahon' will be aired on December 13th.

Sgt. Slaughter, who worked under McMahon through different stints (primarily in the 1990s), told Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling that he believes the former Chairman and CEO is still involved due to his knowledge of the business: "I feel that he's [Vince McMahon] still there and there's no way to keep him away as far as his knowledge of the business [goes].

If it wasn't for his knowledge, a lot of us wouldn't be doing the things we're doing today. I wish him all the best. He's always been a good friend to me. And then he became a boss and then he became a friend again. To me, he was part of my life and is the reason I'm sitting here talking to you, along with Harley Race."

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