Wrestling veteran opens up on CM Punk

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Wrestling veteran opens up on CM Punk

CM Punk's future in the world of wrestling remains a h*t topic of discussion. It is difficult to predict the next moves of the former Aew world champion, after the latter does not appear on the federation screens from the infamous brawl that arose after the post All Out press conference which also led to the suspensions of all the protagonists involved.

His arrival brought big numbers to All Elite Wrestling given the star's absence from the ring for over seven years. However, just over a year later, his future is more than uncertain. The former WWE Superstar would seem increasingly distant now from AEW and in fact a buy-out contract is being discussed between the parties in order to facilitate his departure from the company.

Furthermore, the relationship between the wrestler and AEW would have deteriorated even further.

Eric Bischoff on CM Punk

Speaking with Steve Fall, Eric Bischoff talked about CM Punk's possible landing in WWE: "I've been in this environment for a long time and I don't want to make any predictions about what will happen.

I don't think a return of CM Punk can be a good move for WWE but never say never. When Tony Khan brought CM Punk to AEW, he still had that magic after so long where he was stuck. Now that magic is gone and now his rebellious side is left.

So Punk still had his fan base and Tony Khan was able to capitalize on that. In a very short period of time, that magic was lost. CM Punk came in and brought in great numbers, but then it literally went into a period of free fall Just look at what AEW has done in terms of ratings." On CM Punk's conduct and the fact that Tony Khan didn't interrupt the post All Out press conference, even though he was sitting a few feet away: “Tony had a microphone.

He had his own mic and he could have grabbed that mic and stood up and said, 'This conference is over. Thanks a lot to everyone.' He could have stopped the root of the problem but he just sat there like a boiled fish. I think it's absurd.

I think the most important quality one should have in life is loyalty and integrity above talent. If someone proves disloyal, I would never want to work with them. I wouldn't care how much money I could make off someone like that." On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell told Sid Pullar III that he thinks The Game will prevent the seven-time World Champion from ever returning to WWE.

"Triple H is going to stop CM Punk from ever setting foot in WWE. And they [WWE] don't need him. If this had been three months ago, they needed everything three months ago. But they kind of filled those gaps in and I don't think there's any need for CM Punk."

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