Latest news on Bray Wyatt's future

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Latest news on Bray Wyatt's future

Just a few weeks ago, we saw Uncle Howdy become a reality, with the long-rumored masked character making his promo debut in front of the Stamford federation cameras, while Bray Wyatt did his in front of an audience. Among the theories on who is behind the mask of Uncle Howdy there would be the most disparate names, including that of Bray's brother, Bo Dallas.

The week after, however, in the following episode of the blue show, a new character was still spotted during the promo of the former Universal Champion, but this time it was a woman. Eventually, Wyatt began his first feud against former NXT La Knight, with the former IMPACT Wrestling wrestler literally being knocked over by several props backstage after slapping Wyatt in the ring, only some weeks ago.

Tonight, on Monday Night Raw, it seems that Wyatt's presence was felt more than necessary, given that the wrestler has joined the roster of the blue show, but it seems that his supernatural powers are also affecting an old acquaintance of him.

Latest update on Bray Wyatt

During tonight's episode of the McMahon company's flagship show, we saw an angle filmed backstage at the show, with Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Bianca Belair being interviewed on camera to talk about their enemies after winning the War Games of Survivor Series.

For the most attentive observers, there was immediately something strange, with the screen behind Alexa Bliss' back which staged various images in very few fractions of a second, including the usual Bray Wyatt's logo, or the upside-down moth below.

After hearing the words of the Raw champion and the Japanese Asuka, the time had come to talk about Alexa, with the former world champion who turned out to be literally absent for a few seconds, only to then wake up from an apparent trance, with the beautiful athlete who then replied to his interlocutor, being also very vague.

Has the Fiend regained control of the red show athlete's mind? We just have to wait for the next few weeks to understand how WWE will move in this context. It's assumed that a Pitch Black match will be similar to a lights-out match, allowing Wyatt to continue to wrestle with his own unique lighting.

The report notes that WWE is trying hard not to overexpose the former Champion in the ring. "The source said that they are being careful not to overexpose Bray in the ring because they want everything he does to feel extra special." via

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