New details on William Regal's WWE return

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New details on William Regal's WWE return

One of the most important names that WWE has wanted to do without in the last two years has been that of the historic English athlete who has now retired for a few years: William Regal. After moving to AEW, William Regal continued his work as a manager, which he already did at NXT as GM, alongside two very important names such as Daniel Bryan and Jon Moxley, also ex WWE, with Regal's role being that of the leader of the stable of brawlers of the AEW, until before the betrayal committed against the former world champion against MJF.

After costing Moxley the world title by switching to the side of the current champion heel, Regal seems to have entered a collision course with the stable of brawlers. In recent weeks, however, the name of William Regal has made a lot of chatter among both WWE Universe insiders and fans, as well as Aew fans, with the McMahon company appearing to be interested in snatching the manager's services from the competition.

Update on William Regal

According to what was reported in the latest newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, through the voice of Dave Meltzer, although there are even several years left before the conclusion of William Regal's contract with All Elite Wrestling, it seems that WWE is still thinking about snatching the manager from the company khan family.

In detail, Meltzer stated: "William Regal, when he signed, which he was either in April or May, said he signed for three years. Now, something looks like it might happen, but I'm not sure about the details. A lot has been said in recent weeks, both about the situation in AEW and with WWE.

As far as I'm concerned, anything could happen whether he stays or returns to WWE. I know there's something going on and WWE is interested, but I don't know exactly what's going on. The fact that he still has a large part of the three-year contract ahead of him doesn't mean anything and doesn't give any certainty about whether he will stay or whether he can leave." WWE legend William Regal heaped praise on current AEW star PAC, stating he's as good as anyone in wrestling right now.

"I think he’s [PAC] as good as anyone walking the earth. I don’t see anything to do with his height. I know me and him have a lot of the same things as far as music and youth culture stuff, and he just looks like somebody who would smash the granny out of somebody."

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