New plans for Kevin Owens?

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New plans for Kevin Owens?

As we reported to you in the morning, it seems that after the end of the live broadcast of the Survivor Series, an event aired on Saturday night, there were problems between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, with the Canadian allegedly being targeted by the undisputed champion of both rosters, for hitting him in an unscheduled spot in the contest.

It all would have started when Owens hit the Tribal Chief in a spot that wasn't programmed like this for the match, also hitting his opponent badly in the face, with a slap. Back in the backstage area, Reigns blatantly complained that he might have a broken eardrum, precisely because the spot didn't come out as planned, at Owens' behest.

There do not appear to have been any fights or major quarrels, but the mood of the Tribal Chief, according to those present, was quite black, with his presence at the post event press conference which was scheduled and finally did not arrive, with Heyman and Zayn having to replace the sample.

Backstage details on Kevin Owens

According to various sources prior to the Series, WWE intends to continue the storyline that sees Kevin Owens face the complete Bloodline also for the Royal Rumble, with the Prizefighter appearing to be the designated opponent for the Tribal Chief at the first Big Four of the new year.

Apparently, after what happened at the Series, it seems that WWE has not changed its mind about what to do, continuing to stage the plans it had already planned for the two, including Sami Zayn. As reported by Dave Meltzer, in his latest daily update of the Wrestling Observer, in fact: "At this point and probably moving forward, everything that has been planned between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will go ahead exactly as decided by WWE.

There are no 'I don't want to work with him' or 'management put him down' issues at stake. None of this will happen. Whatever plans they have for the three, including storyline injuries, swaps or otherwise, everything will go ahead as previously agreed." During the interview, Owens made a bold statement claiming that the thing McMahon is best at is being delusional.

Additionally, Owens revealed that the reason why he didn't ask McMahon to put his career on the line is that the former Universal Champion knows for the reason that the latter would eventually come back, regardless of a win or loss.

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