Did Kevin Owens struggle with injury?

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Did Kevin Owens struggle with injury?

Kevin Owens made his return on the episode of SmackDown two weeks ago, to the amazement of the WWE Universe present at the arena, to help the Brawling Brutes and Drew Mcintyre take down the Bloodline. Despite the defeat remedied at the men's WarGames of the Survivor Series, Kevin Owens, according to some internal WWE sources, is ready to battle Roman Reigns to dethrone the latter of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, although there are problems between the two due to an unexpected spot during the WarGames match.

However, many have noticed that on the show aired last Saturday night, Owens fought in a very limited way and with long pants, as if to cover some physical problem. As you will recall, a few weeks ago the Canadian took a break from WWE due to a knee sprain, also affecting the medial collateral ligament of the same.

Is Kevin Owens injured?

In the days leading up to Survivor Series – WarGames, there was some speculation about the state of health of the Prize Fighter: for some the knee problem was more serious than expected, for others the problem had passed but the knee was not yet 100% ready.

There is concern for Kevin Owens' physical condition, since he and Sami Zayn will probably be the protagonists of the storyline related to the Bloodline for the next few months and an injury to him could drastically change WWE's plans.

However, serenity seems to have returned to the former Universal champion: according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Kevin Owens held up well in the WarGames, not conceding heavy commercials but rightly saving himself a bit to avoid future problems.

Also, Kevin Owens wrestled on the house show on Sunday and wrestled in the main event of RAW, defeating Jey Uso: “Owens' knee held, but I wasn't sure at the end of the match. Owens' knee held up but he too is still weakened.

He got through the match and worked Sunday's house show and worked Raw. He's fine, he's ready to work, which is really good because two weeks ago there was a lot of concern that he might be out for a long time. Luckily, he dodged that bullet." So the alert linked to the condition of Kevin Owens would seem to have returned, ready to go against the Bloodline, despite some friction with Roman Reigns.

MJF has already named his first opponent in WWE, provided he jumps ship from AEW in the future. The name is none other than Kevin Owens.

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