WWE denied The Miz a major feud

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WWE denied The Miz a major feud

In recent years, The Miz, a former WWE champion and two-time Grand Slam winner in the Khan family company, has had several feuds with Hollywood celebrities, with the last big name in the world of TV and social media, which was Logan Paul, a very famous Youtuber who also challenged Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel for the company's world titles.

While never a front page face, The Miz is undoubtedly one of the most respected wrestlers on the WWE roster. In his career, the 41-year-old from Parma held the WWE Championship twice, the Intercontinental title eight times, the United States Championship twice, the World Tag Team Championship twice, the Raw Tag Team Championship four times and the SmackDown Tag Team twice Championship, becoming the 14th athlete in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam.

He also won the 2010 edition of the Money in the Bank and the 2018 edition of the Mixed Match Challenge with Asuka. In recent years, The miz has also had a long feud against singer Bad Bunny, which led to the two having several clashes in the WWE rings, including a tag team match at Wrestlemania.

The Miz is a WWE veteran

According to what was revealed to the microphones of PW Mania by the same IMPACT Wrestling athlete, Jessie Godderz, who was a TV star before becoming a wrestler, WWE had primordial plans to have a feud between him and The Miz, never sent but on stage on his television screens.

Regarding this matter, Godderz has in fact stated: "Apparently Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis liked my look, my charisma and also liked the way I could promote myself to the mainstream WWE audience. I only found out later that they had an idea for me to feud between The Miz and me as two reality show stars butting heads.

At Big Brother, you're locked inside a house for several months and you don't have telephones or other means of communication with the outside world, so they haven't been able to get me any kind of message of interest. After a few weeks, therefore, their interest vanished and they therefore abandoned the idea of ​​having me with them.

This was June of 2009, I believe." The Miz has explained why he was kicked out of the WWE locker room early on in his WWE career. “One day I was eating a piece of chicken in the locker room,” he said. “Someone comes in and goes, ‘Dude, you’re eating over my bag.’ And his bag was right there.

I was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’ He goes, ‘Dude, you just got stuff all over my bag.’ I go [shakes head]… I still don’t think I got stuff on his bag, but I was [saying], ‘I’m sorry, I apologize.’ Another person walked in, ‘Oh, you got stuff on his bag? How could you do that? Unbelievable.’ And I thought they were joking”.