William Regal is very close to WWE

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William Regal is very close to WWE

In recent days we have brought you some news regarding William Regal and his contract not yet expiring with the AEW of the possible inclusion of WWE to bring the former NXT manager home thanks also to the excellent relations between English and Triple H.

Obviously the rumors can be denied at any moment but in the last few hours Mike Johnson of PWInsider has also reported the news of a now almost certain passage of Regal from AEW to WWE.

New details on William Regal

As previously mentioned, PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported the news of William Regal's increasingly certain move from Tony Khan's federation to Regal's longtime friend Triple H's company: "Here we are, all the signs are that William Regal, current manager in AEW, he is set to tie up with World Wrestling Entertainment soon.

While we haven't received any official notes and whatnot, recently there have been rumors within WWE about the 54-year-old Briton returning to a backstage role. This would mean that Regal would leave AEW, you can also tell by the fact that he was attacked by the AEW World Champion MJF, thus excluding him from the storyline in the latest episode of Dynamite." A voice that would have been sensational also considering the times.

Only at the beginning of this year, in January, William Regal along with other staff members linked to Levesque, were released and the Englishman signed a contract with rival AEW in March, then using a piece of his real life on screen, again becoming mentored by Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley.

In doing so William Regal created the Blackpool Combat Club, with the addition of other athletes, namely Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta. At the moment there is no other news regarding this situation but, probably, the resignation of Vince McMahon from WWE and the seizure of power by Triple H at the top of the Stamford federation have meant that William Regal had doubts about his possible stay in AEW.

WWE legend William Regal heaped praise on current AEW star PAC, stating he's as good as anyone in wrestling right now. "I think he’s [PAC] as good as anyone walking the earth. I don’t see anything to do with his height.

I know me and him have a lot of the same things as far as music and youth culture stuff, and he just looks like somebody who would smash the granny out of somebody."