Lacey Evans recalls her pregnancy

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Lacey Evans recalls her pregnancy
Lacey Evans recalls her pregnancy

During the last months of 2021, Lacey Evans gave birth to her second daughter and, after a period of maternity leave, at the beginning of this year the ex Marine returned to the screen, complete with a new gimmick. However, for a few months, WWE, in a rather confusing way, changed the decision on its wrestler several times, first changing the roster in which she had to fight and finally also the gimmick, first face and finally leaving her heel, also given the negative reaction of the public towards him.

Recently, Lacey Evans spoke about how her life has changed with her second pregnancy and her return to the ring.

Lacey Evans gets excited

Lacey Evans made her triumphant return to WWE in April 2022, sporting a new Proud Marine and Mother babyface gimmick, which quickly turned heel after her perceived disrespect from the WWE Universe.

In a recent episode of Brandi Rhodes' podcast Aka 2 Lies and 1 Truth, the WWE superstar opened up about her strong emotions she felt when she returned to training in a ring. She also stated that she returned to training only 6 weeks after giving birth: "It was different emotionally, I actually came back and I was at the Performer Center training, all this six weeks after giving birth.

It was difficult, especially emotionally Even now that I'm breastfeeding and raising this little baby who needs you every second That was the hardest part I think and it's the hardest part her being so young and needing me to such a degree so I just have to make it work.

In order not to lose my physical condition altogether, I trained at a low intensity, i.e. I did fairly light workouts without straining the body too much, such as simple squats or free weight exercises. during my 6 weeks of rest, I never stopped”.

The last match Lacey Evans participated in was the Six-Pack Challenge match to determine the next challenger to SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey. Post-match, Evans lamented her character, stating that she "wanted to go back to her roots." There has been no updated information provided as of this writing.

"Medically sidelined" was the phrase WWE gave me when I asked," Sean Ross Sapp tweeted. "I've done everything that I've needed to do to not only get my foot in this door but also to get opportunities. The glitz, the glamour, and every time, I've come up short.

Do you know what it is? It's because I got complacent. This lifestyle, I got comfortable. To be honest with you, I have gone out of my way to please everybody but myself. It's time to go back to basics."

Lacey Evans

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