Rhea Ripley on WWE: It’s cool to see how everything has been evolving

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Rhea Ripley on WWE: It’s cool to see how everything has been evolving

WWE is a wrestling company that has dominated the wrestling scene for many years. They are still number one, and throughout history they have made many changes. The departure of Vince McMahon has changed things a bit, but WWE never stops evolving.

Rhea Ripley commented on the changes to the New York Post and the positive direction this company is heading “It’s something that we haven’t seen (in WWE) since pretty much Chyna. So it’s cool that I get to be that person.

I still get to present this sort of dominance about myself without having a full-blown match. I get to hit the guys. I get to go out there and pick them up to show everyone who the hell I am without actually having the bell ring and being in the ring.

It’s cool to see how everything has been evolving over the last few months. I feel like this is the start of a new era in WWE where we can get caught up with the guys. That could possibly lead to something, I don’t know.

I’m hoping for it,” she said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Rhea Ripley

A few months ago, Ripley spoke to Andrew Jackson of FOX Sports in Australia about the situation in NXT since Triple H has been in charge of WWE.

She's happy with Triple H and the things they're doing right now. “It feels like NXT again,” Ripley said of Triple H running the show. “It feels like that family environment that I really loved about NXT and miss at the same time.

He’s very hands-on, extremely hands-on, which is something I really appreciate. I love being able to go out there and talk to him and just get his opinion on things and learn from him every single Monday, whether it be something small or something big”.