Kurt Angle explains why he doesn't want to go back in the ring

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Kurt Angle explains why he doesn't want to go back in the ring

Kurt Angle is unanimously recognized as one of the greatest performers of all time. In addition to having collected a myriad of accolades in this business, the former Olympic gold medalist has made millions of fans around the world fall in love with his style and charisma.

Kurt took part in several memorable feuds during his glorious career, but it didn't end as he would have liked. In fact, the WWE Hall of Famer played his last match at Wrestlemania 35, losing against Baron Corbin and sadly leaving the scene.

Everyone knows that Angle would have liked to face John Cena before hanging up his boots, but the Bostonian's commitments in Hollywood and the opposition of Vince Mcmahon prevented that project from going through. During a long interview with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda, Kurt Angle turned off the rumors about his possible return to the ring in the future.

Kurt Angle on his future

“I really don't think I'm going to fight again” – Kurt Angle began bluntly. “I had knee surgery five months ago and I have to be very careful. Now I'm quite well. I think I've had an amazing career that I'm very proud of.

Though I hate to say it, I have to admit that I'm not the athlete I used to be. If I were to decide to have one last match, it would definitely be a tag team match” – he added. Kurt also talked about his friend Randy Orton, who has been sidelined for several months due to a serious back injury.

The 14-time world champion has undergone lower back fusion surgery and his future is more uncertain than ever. “A lot of people don't realize it, but it's the back that controls everything. You can't do anything anymore if your back doesn't respond to the commands.

Randy had to stop due to back pain and hopefully this surgery will save his career." Kurt Angle explained that Seth Rollins had also developed the ability to put on five-star matches irrespective of who he was facing. "He does remind me of Shawn because everybody he wrestles, he has five-star matches with.

I mean, when you have that kind of chemistry with everyone, you're an incredible performer. And I think Seth Rollins is a lot like Shawn Michaels. You know what? It's not too much of a leap to say that he is the next Shawn Michaels.

I believe he will be eventually. He is not there yet because Shawn put in a lot more years. So you know, 30-something years."

Kurt Angle