Rhea Ripley reveals her goals

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Rhea Ripley reveals her goals

Needless to deny that Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch are two of the best wrestlers currently in WWE, with the former who, still very young, made her way from NXT making herself loved by the public, while with the latter now is on the way to becoming a legend.

Obviously the fans have clamored to see the two challenge each other sooner or later, perhaps even with a belt up for grabs and it must be said that recently they have given us something, as they had done for the 2019 Survivor Series, during the pay-per-view construction, as they came face-to-face in the War Games Match at Survivor Series 2022.

Speaking on WWE's latest episode The Bump, Rhea Ripley was asked about a potential match against The Man, and she replied, "I can't wait. Becky is someone I've had a match with at NXT, and her what didn't end with a proper closure.

It ended up with Shayna and the girls going out and ruining my match. She's always been someone I feel I could have a televised match with and would be competitive. So every time I get on the ring, I can't wait, and I want there to be one interaction.

I want that match. I hope one day it will happen, and Mami will annihilate The Man."

Backstage news on Rhea Ripley

Certainly the one with Becky Lynch is a match that absolutely everyone wants to see, but it seems that for Rhea Ripley there is also another opponent to face and we are talking about Bianca Belair, in fact the two could potentially already be in the WrestleMania 39 card, with the WWE who is thinking of a big push for the Australian.

But not only that, because Bianca Belair herself has recently stated several times that she would like to challenge one of Charlotte Flair or Rhea Ripley at the Showcase of the Immortals. For now there are no certainties about 2023 and WWE's plans towards one of these athletes, but if you too want to stay updated on their journey, we invite you to follow Donne Tra Le Corde.

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long recently shared his thoughts on the growing comparisons between Rhea Ripley and the late great Chyna. "Rhea Ripley, you know, she's a great competitor, I saw her a couple of times in the ring, but I don't know, don't compare yourself to anybody. You know what I mean? The name of the game is get yourself over," said Teddy Long.