Is Dustin Rhodes back in WWE?

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Is Dustin Rhodes back in WWE?

Dustin Rhodes has been one of the veterans of the pro wrestling scene for several years now. The son of WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes, Dustin had his first match in 1988 defeating Bob Cook in Florida Championship Wrestling.

In AEW after his debut with the Natural gimmick, Rhodes also had a legendary match against his brother Cody, which ended in victory for the latter. His future in Tony Khan's company is starting to look a bit uncertain with some fans thinking he may be leaving.

On Twitter, a fan commented on a tweet by the athlete suggesting that he could soon join the Stamford federation together with his brother Cody Rhodes who left AEW in February 2022. The American Nightmare beat Seth Rollins in his debut but now he is in the pits due to an injury.

Dustin Rhodes opens up on his future

To the tweet published by Dustin Rhodes with the writing: “Value yourself and what you are really worth. Don't rely on others to do it. Just know where you stand with yourself. That's the only thing that matters”.

A fan responded to the athlete later by saying, “Are you implying that AEW doesn't recognize your worth and that a return to WWE with Cody could be the future?” After this fan expressed this idea by commenting on Dustin Rhodes' tweet, Cody's brother simply denied it immediately with even harsh words: "Shut up you idiot.

You are stupid." Due to his now advanced age, the wrestler had revealed that he will have to undergo surgery in order to return to fight. However, he could hardly choose to still want to play a fight at the age of 53, his last match being on August 29 at Rampage against Claudio Castagnoli.

Difficult to know whether or not this will really be his last fight but Dustin Rhodes does not want to end up like Ric Flair. So we'll have to wait and see what AEW has planned for him, as it's currently unlikely he'll leave the company.

Dustin Rhodes recently gave his thoughts on his brother Cody Rhodes departing AEW and returning to WWE. "I knew dad always wanted us to be happy and he [Dusty Rhodes] would have his suggestions like that and try to lead us in the right way," said Dustin Rhodes.

"But ultimately, these are our decisions, right? Money is money, and dad would always say, 'Take the money.'