Update on The Rock's WWE return


Update on The Rock's WWE return

There are growing rumors that The Rock is close to returning to WWE at WrestleMania 39, probably for the last time in a main event against his cousin Roman Reigns, the current holder of the WWE and Universal titles. While there has been no official comment from The Rock or WWE, the star hasn't ruled out a return for him.

In recent weeks it has also been speculated that the star may even appear at the PPV Royal Rumble on January 28th. This rumor seems to have made its way even within the federation.

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In the usual Wrestling Observer Radio newsletter, journalist Dave Meltzer talked about the idea that The Rock could participate in the Royal Rumble match and could even win: "Everything started as something that can best prepare the match with Roman Reigns for the title at WrestleMania.

A victory by the Royal Rumble match would make more sense. Obviously if The Rock can't do the Royal Rumble but can do WrestleMania they can still organize that match with Roman anyway. As long as he can do at least one of those PPVs ".

Meltzer revealed how this would be a perfect scenario for WWE if The Rock could accept the idea: “If he's going to do it and he's convinced, I think that's the best scenario. The only thing is, the WrestleMania main event plans must be decided by mid-January and any involvement of The Rock must be scheduled by that date or nothing." There has been talk of a match between the two for years with The Rock not wanting a match before the Los Angeles edition of WrestleMania.

The WWE legend reportedly rejected previous appearances at the latest editions of WrestleMania. Despite this, it was recently reported that Roman Reigns could face Kevin Owens again at the Royal Rumble before taking on Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber.

WWE President Nick Khan has given his take on The Rock. "In terms of Dwyane, looks he's focused on being the megastar that he (has) built himself into. We're always talking to him, about different opportunities and what could come.

WWE is a producer on young Rock, they graciously allowed us to do that because they wanted us to be partners in it. So there's more to be done with them," said Khan. In recent times, rumors have suggested that The Rock could return to WWE for a huge showdown against Roman Reigns.

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