Cody Rhodes is adding muscle mass

Cody Rhodes has now been in the pits since June 2022

by Simone Brugnoli
Cody Rhodes is adding muscle mass

Cody Rhodes has now been in the pits since June 2022 but seems increasingly ready to go back to fighting. On the way to Hell In A Cell, the American Nightmare had suffered a torn tendon in his chest but made it even worse a few days before the show.

However, despite the severity of the problem, Cody Rhodes fought in the main event of the PPV against Seth Rollins. The conditions of the former Intercontinental champion were also evident to all fans with several bruises on his chest.

The fight was still won by him and lasted just under 25 minutes with a five star rating for Dave Meltzer despite all the hardships. On the following episode of Monday Night Raw he was then attacked by Rollins so that the latter could take time off necessary to undergo surgery.

New details on Cody Rhodes

Details of where and when Cody Rhodes' return will take place are not yet known, however his recovery has been reported to be progressing well. In addition he has also worked hard during this time with level staff in an attempt to come back stronger than ever.

In the regular newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, the famous journalist Dave Meltzer gave an update on when he could return to the ring The American Nightmare: “Cody Rhodes' recovery is progressing well. He worked hard with a particular staff to increase his weight.

I think he might be bigger than he's ever been in his life when we see him. It is not known when he will return as it will be a big surprise. The thing is, based on the storyline, he's supposed to come back facing Seth Rollins but now he's become a popular babyface so maybe plans will change." According to several rumors, Cody Rhodes could return to the WWE screens at the Royal Rumble 2023 scheduled for January 28 in San Antonio, Texas.

Former WWE star EC3 thinks Cody Rhodes should have put over Damien Sandow during the former's short stint at IMPACT Wrestling. "Yeah, and Sandow is always down to do business, and I think something came about doing actual business, and, you know, you don't just come in somewhere to just get hot-shotted and leave on top.

It's like returning of favor, especially to someone who has been your long-time friend from the developmental days of OVW. Perhaps, you choose not to do that. Then what's the point? Thanks for wasting everybody's time," said EC3.

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