*Spoiler* Tegan Knox is finally back

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*Spoiler* Tegan Knox is finally back

In recent months, in WWE, we have seen a real revolution starting from the management of the company, with Vince Mcmahon leaving the scene after personal scandals, to make room for his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan as top management figures, or as CEO and son-in-law Triple H as head of the federation's creative team.

Since Triple H's arrival at the head of the creative sector, WWE has gone on to summarize many well-known faces who had instead been released in recent years and in recent months, with numerous faces especially former NXT who have returned to work with the Stamford company, precisely at the behest of Triple H.

Among the many summaries of the Triple, we have found characters of the caliber of Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Dexter Lumis or Johnny Gargano, but also many women such as Dakota Kai, Candice LaRae or Sarah Logan. Also tonight, in the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, an old WWE acquaintance returned to the scene months after her release, with Triple H who had already feared the possibility that the girl could return a few months ago in an interview day not so far away in the rings of the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling.

Tegan Nox made a triumphant return to SmackDown this week. As Damage CTRL invaded SmackDown and attacked Liv Morgan, she emerged to make the save.

Tegan Knox returns to SmackDown

During the episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired tonight, the Damage CTRL obviously wanted to be the host, going to attack Liv Morgan in a three-on-one that obviously would not have left a chance for the former champion of the blue show.

After a few seconds in which Liv was at the mercy of the three heels of Monday Night Raw, Tegan Nox arrived to save the beautiful blonde, who thus officially made her return to the WWE rings after her release a few months ago.

due to an injury that had kept her out for some time and which had made WWE's interest in her inclusion on the main roster diminish. We recall how, from what was revealed by Dakota Kai, the initial plans for the Damage CTRL in WWE, foresaw the entry of Tegan Knox and that of Candice LaRae alongside Bayley in his new stable, with these plans which however foundered with the long injury of Bayley and the various layoffs that WWE has since made.

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