*Spoiler* Lacey Evans changes her gimmick again

Lacey Evans was part of a historic moment when she competed against Natalya in a singles match at Crown Jewel

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Lacey Evans changes her gimmick again

In recent months, there had been several changes within WWE that had made fans of the federation dizzy a bit, given that overnight, several athletes had been moved from the roster or had been aggregated to storylines which initially were not theirs.

One of the athletes who had begun an endless round of roster changes was the returning Lacey Evans, the former WWE marine, who had returned to showing her face on Friday Night Smackdown, after months of absence for her second pregnancy and then instead she was reassigned to the red roster, without much explanation for the fans, with the athlete who should have been first a heel on the blue show, then a babyface on the red show.

Apparently, however, WWE was not satisfied with this, moving the girl once again to the blue roster, in the last few weeks in which we have seen her, only to then make her disappear almost completely from the scene. Tonight, in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown staged on FOX television screens, Lacey Evans made her return with a video package, in which the athlete shows a gimmick already seen in her past, but much more marked than the usual and that will definitely change his attitude in the WWE rings.

Lacey Evans returns to her old gimmick

During the video staged by WWE, there were several images and several video clips in which they saw the athlete of the blue show training very hard, with a US Navy camouflage, together with other Marines in service.

We recall how initially, Lacey Evans' character was that of a very elegant woman, with a skirt, satin gloves and hat, who raged in the NXT rings and then in those of the main roster. From then to today, things have definitely changed, with Lacey who will therefore appear in the next episodes of the blue show with a completely new attitude and with a gimmick that in reality is not entirely new, but completely rediscovered.

Whether it is this new move by Triple H, the one that will be able to make the beautiful Lacey take flight, who until now has not yet managed to show anything to the WWE public due to her continuous absences or trashed plans for her? In reaction to her return to TV, the former SmackDown Women's title challenger took to Instagram to react to her comeback: “Some will hate it.

Some will love it. It’s for the ones who need it. Whoever you are, whatever you’re going through…..you are not alone”.

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